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Thursday, 13 March 2008
Corporate Restructure
ETC Investment House announces a corporate restructure
Friday, 11 July 2008
"How should investors respond to the doom and gloom?" - Australian Property Investor Magazine, July 2008 edition
In this feature article read what ETC Property Group and Timothy Cocaro had to say about the recent spat of doom and gloom media reports about the state of the property market and what investors should do.
Wednesday, 11 March 2009
"Franklin Residences" Launched!
ETC Property Group is proud to announce the official market launch of “Franklin Residences”.
Friday, 3 April 2009
"Property Boot Camp - Part 1" - Australian Property Investor Magazine, April 2009
In this feature article read what advice Timothy Cocaro has to Investors who own a property with development potential.
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